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03-26-2010, 08:36 PM
Regardless of whatever technical and design limitations there are, it comes down to the simple concept -- the amount of enemies you have to fight / ships you have to engage for the game to be "entertaining" would make it utterly impossible for you realistically ... unless you traveled with a lot of people or a fleet.

A mission to take out 8 squadrons of starships, any of which could be frigate/BOP types, escort types, and battleships? You'd be utterly overwhelmed if they worked in concert and as a cohesive unit. Same with ground missions.

Unless you want a largely stealth/deception based game, or a game that requires a full group to level with, this is simply how it has to be. I don't believe Cryptic or any other MMO developer has the time and resources to devote to make every, or even most, missions enthralling and engaging on such a "realistic" level.