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# 1 Letting ya all know
03-27-2010, 12:25 AM
In the salvage space maps you all know you need a minimum of 3 ships to change the icon to solid colour more if you want them to change faster, plus battle cloak seems to be fubar at the moment, and for some stupid reason cause the cry baby fed and cry'd so much we of the empire have been made to suffer at the hands of devs and the dreaded nerf bat,
1) for all those fed that don't know Klingon's where using warp technology before man even began exploring his own planet
2) we are a warrior race but now we fly tissue paper ships thanx to the cry baby's saying we where op'd (which we weren't we just pvp better cause there was no pve content)
3) thanx cryptic for listen to the cry baby feds and nerfing us Klingon's theres like so many more of them compared to us they now seem to have the better ships the better weapons through pve content now since the update