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03-26-2010, 11:43 PM
Originally Posted by trancer9 View Post
My question is, does Gozer get some sort of prize for how many players quit because the only end game content is too hard for the average player?

The elite group of players, are neither loyal players nor do they make up the large percentage of the player base, in a sense they are like locusts, the go from game to game eating up all the resources while the main player base gets frustrated with the nerfs and the insanely hard content.


Why are you catering to the elites? Most of the players in this game are ADULTS, even older guys like me, unlike wow, why do you put that "Super Mario Brothers" jumping crap in your game?

This is not good for business, I will be glad when your superiors realize this.

Star Trek is not as big of a franchise as the Tolkien Fantasy franchise, you cannot afford to alienate half your player base.

That being said, I really love this game, I have Three RA5's but there is nothing left for me to do, Infected and Cure are too hard, and daily B'tran for badges is getting very boring.

Please stop catering to the "locusts" either make Infected and Cure easier, or add some content for the average RA5.
QFT (difficulty slider would fix this problem too)