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03-27-2010, 03:18 AM
Originally Posted by J-Sheridan
No chance.

This is Star Trek, not Second Life, IMVU [Insert stupid online social game] with the 'ADULT' content.

I can easily see CBS throwing an epic fit if Cryptic dared to even go that way. Least of all because a Certificate 18 STO cuts off the fanbase and would bring in major flak for it.
Who let the Troll out of the bag?

Seriuesly no one where saying it would have to be anything remotedly adult contend. someone else point out that in SWG you could marry and get a ring. Thats not the only game,, Everquest (could get the GM's to preform the cermony and all) Everquest2 (player crafted items) Dark Age of Camelot... and thats just THREE games out of a dozen. none of them got flag as Adult, and personally it sounds to me like you have no clue as to what your saying..