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03-27-2010, 04:04 AM
Originally Posted by Tonenili
Klingons had Tricorders as far back as Kruge in his 2285 mission of the Genesis planet weapon, and they were good enough for the Bajoran resistance.

Klingon Tricorders

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Now granted they are limited to 154 sensor assemblies rather than the 315 of the Federation. 230 GFP calculations per seconds instead of 275. We also do not beat the Starfleet device in memory as theirs contain ten densified isolinear wafers with 12.1 kiloqads of total memory. We only have 8 densified chromopolymer isolinear wafers with 9.12 kiloquads internal..

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I feels as though I've met a kindred spirit.
Thank you, I could not have put it more eloquently.
Additionally the Klingons improved their tricorders from time to time since ST3.
The newer TNG era model with the 154 sensor assemblies actually looks a bit different from the old one from Kruge's era.
Since the page does not permit hotlinking, please take a look here:

Both versions are to be found under "Computers, Tricorders, PADDs".
And I am sure a Klingon Tricorder is at least good enough to POINT its user into a certain direction.