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03-27-2010, 05:30 AM
Originally Posted by DocSlaven View Post
I waited and waited and finally got everything patched.

I've noticed some horrible things since patch.

1. I Tribbled my Rear Admiral 5 and respecced and was doing great there. Now, doing the same thing to her on Live, my ship does no damage in space and she does no damage to enemies. I'm not talking low damage, I'm talking ZERO!

2. Most of my officers in Away Missions end up missing. The map says they are there, but they never show up and doing nothing when called. If they do show up, they do nothing but just stand there.

Look, I understand there might be bugs, but I can't do anything except hang out on my bridge and twiddle (or is that tribble) my thumbs.
Originally Posted by DocSlaven View Post
Due to these issues, I have been denied any game time in two days.

I have submitted an in-game ticket, only to have it ignored or passed over.

How long am I going to be refused a fix and is Cryptic going to add that time to my account?
I can assure you your tickets are not being ignored. CS gets alot of tickets a day. Sometimes it just takes time. I am sure they will get back to you soon. As far as adding time. That is between you and them.