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03-27-2010, 09:36 AM
Originally Posted by bryanmeerkat View Post
Umm why have you singled out pve for this "unrealistic" rant
Because this is the Federation forum and not the PvP forum. :-p I ranted plenty about the PvP missions, too, just not here.

And yes, silliness like this happens in every MMO but it's somewhat excusable when you're killing orcs, which are not known for their communications or beaming technologies.

It would be interesting to contemplate the design of "realistic" PvE missions. Every enemy ship would have an agro range of 25km and the mission would simply be designed to not throw too many of them at you at once.

You simply wouldn't do a mission by yourself against an entire Romulan base, or if you did, you would have SIGNIFICANT allied help from NPCs or other players -- there are missions like this, in fact.

But it sounds like the prevailing attitude is, "Oh, PvE will always suck and be dumb, we just learned to cope with it." :p