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03-27-2010, 10:22 AM
Originally Posted by Darkstahr View Post
I think what he's saying is that tricorders were never originally designed to pick up destructible objects. Which means they would have to recode how the tricorders work globally. That sounds like a big project and not something we're going to get soon. Again my interpretation. It would be nice if a DEV would post something a little more definitive (i..e "yes we're looking into it..but it will take awhile" or" no, sorry its not enough of a showstopper to worry about now.").

Overall I love the new content and it make sense how the Klingon explore missions work. It's just a bummer the tricorder issue wasn't factored into the design.
The Tricorder issue was raised on Tribble by players.
All of us considered it a bug!
Disappointing that this issue will be around for quite some time and we await word that its been put on the " fix it" list.