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03-27-2010, 12:38 PM
I keep getting stuck in a way that is not represented here..

It only happens when I am on a Ground Mission of some kind... Both PvP and PvE missions. I find myself unable to move forward or turn. I can continue to fire, but the firing graphics no longer work properly. I can exit, or abort the mission, but then I have to start from the beginning again.

What's it going to take to fix this issue?

It is very tiring, especially on longer missions.

- Daniel

Originally Posted by GM_Litana
Hey, everyone!

Below is a guide to the many ways you can free yourself or work around issues in the event you get stuck. These options are designed to allow you to help yourself without having to wait in line for a GM to help you. This is not only faster for you, but these tools are what we will normally recommend first if you do get stuck. There are a few different scenarios in which you can get "stuck", and they have slightly different workarounds.

General self-help options
/stuck: Type this in the chat window, like any other slash-command, and press enter. The game will move you to a nearby safe location. Works only once.
Abort mission/Warp to Sector/Ripcord: This is the icon on the upper-left corner of your mini-map. It will be grayed out if it is unavailable. It is unavailable on sector maps and when you are in combat.
[u]Change Instance[u]: This is available on public maps only. Open your map by pressing M, and click the "Change Instance" button.
/killme: This is currently BUGGED. I cannot stress this enough. It opens the normal Stuck ticket interface, but most of the time you can't actually submit a GM ticket. It closes the window and silently fails to submit the ticket. Please don't use this until it gets fixed.

Physically stuck
Let's say you got stuck in a rock, wandered through a hole in some geometry and can't get out, fell through the floor, etc. Maybe you flew out of a map and are now in an endless field of blue. You are physically stuck in the landscape and can't move, or can only move in limited ways. /stuck will generally help with this.
  • Try /stuck: This will nudge you a few feet, or respawn you if you're outside the map boundaries. It's a great first step, but remember it only nudges you once.
  • Abort mission/Warp to Sector: This will return you to the last public map you were on, generally the nearby Sector map. If you leave and come right back, you may not lose any progress, but it depends on the map and the mission. When returning to your mission map you should respawn at a spawn point, instead of where you got stuck.
  • Change Instance: This works on public maps only. Open your Map (press M) and click the "Change Instance" button.

Something in a mission broke, blocking progress
Maybe the last diplomat or prisoner refuses to be rescued. Maybe only 4/5 clickies are working. Maybe Admiral Zelle is being unhelpful and not transforming for you. Perhaps an NPC you need has gotten killed or despawned, or something else has broken the mission. If this happens, leaving the mission, allowing the instance to reset, and coming back normally fixes it. If you leave for 15 minutes, your mission will be reset upon your return. This is often faster than waiting in line for GM help.
  • Abort mission/Warp to Sector: Leave the mission map you're on, wait a few minutes (15 is best), and come back. In most cases, you will lost progress on only the last portion of the mission. This will fix the vast majority of issues you might run into with missions.

Bridge officers/NPCs have gotten stuck or fallen through the ground
Sometimes your Bridge Officers will manage to go places where you are unable to free them, and may get left behind. Sometimes, there may be unexpected holes in the ground which they can fall into. The same hazards which can trip up your highly trained Bridge Officers can also affect enemies and NPCs, and the same workaround applies.
  • Abort mission/Warp to Sector: If an NPC falls through a map or gets stuck and can't be nudged or shepherded on, simply leave the map and load back in. In the case of an NPC which has fallen through the map, allow the map to reset after 15 minutes.

Can't load into the game at all/hang on loading screens
While we are currently investigating exactly what causes this, the workaround we have found helps most players. It involves accessing the Video Options and lowering the World Detail Level setting. We're working to create more robust self-help options in cases like this.

Lowering your video settings if you can't log into the game:
  • Open the launcher and log in.
  • On the Character Selection screen, click "Log Out".
  • Click the Options button on the right side of the screen.
  • On the Video tab, under Advanced options, lower the World Detail Level setting.
  • Log back in, and load into the game.
  • You may increase the World Detail Level setting slightly, but keep it relatively low.

I hope you have found the above workarounds helpful. Our goal is to make sure that you have options available to resolve minor issues and get you back in the game quickly.