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Ever since the Season One update, the fleet uniforms that can be saved do not keep the proper color selections. When I define a fleet uniform, I choose very specific colors I want to use, as I am a bit of a perfectionist on that. When I'm happy (for a while, lol) with something I've created, I dump it into the fleet uniforms for my fleet so that other members can wear it.

Ever since Season One, it no longer keeps the colors I select, and instead will save a darker, more faded version of the colors I picked. Example:

Here's what the uniform colors are SUPPOSED to look like
Here's what the fleet uniform saves instead

For some reason, black and the "gold" color I picked save just fine, but red, other shades of yellow, and blue all default to the darker colors on the right side of the color chart.

I have already submitted this as bug report 778,236 ingame, but I felt it was important to include additional information that I was unable to put into the ticket, as well as to see if anyone else is having this same issue.