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03-27-2010, 03:12 PM
Ive been doing the BG level explores, the difference between them and the B'tran is night and day.

First, ive yet to come across a glitched mission with no enemy spawns like I often do in the B'tran.

Second, the new variety of missions is well done. Im not hitting the gather data mission every other one like I do in B'tran.

Only thing I dont like is the "Nothing of interest to the Empire" nodes, it dose fit the Klingon theme, but I have had several string in a row.

With the new patch, I would go sofar as to say the Klingons have a better endgame then the feds, since I do not raid.

Now make it so that when your doing these missions in a group, you can bypass the sector scanning block and proceed directly to another random mission after completing one-this will prevent glitching where players end up in different instances.