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03-27-2010, 04:02 PM
Originally Posted by TwlightTemple
I have had a chance to experience most of the new content and I had a few comments based on some serious issues that I have seen. If these have been mentioned before sorry about that :p

1) Demotion Bug - As mentioned FINALLY by the devs there is a bug that will demote you if you go into the Solar Wind or Cracked PvP Maps. They currently DONT have a fix.

2) Server freezes. This now happens ALOT since last night. I usually see it transitioning between zones or the character selection page.

3) Cap timers - OMG what were you thinking increasing Cap timers in PvP zones? Hostile Cap and Hold map is supposed to be FAST and fun. Now its an exercise in guessing when or if the flags will switch. Also the influence zones (circles) which effect the flags has been increased (which = another not so thought through idea). This can make flags never swap.

4) No experience or benefits to losing. Strangely enough I didn't run into this until this morning. If you lose a PvP match (because the Feds outnumber you by a large number) you receive ZERO. Thats right NOTHING. Well before this morning I was in groups that had more balanced numbers and we had won those matches. I assume the same issue played out for those Feds or maybe it could have been in this mornings patch.

Well many may wonder why this is an issue. Feds that don't PvP may not know that we have a daily that is PvP related (might be one on the RA Fed side). If we are outnumbered we can't finish our dailies AND we get nothing in return. This will reduce the numbers of KDF playing until this is rectified I believe. We already have number issues with queues and "Infected / The Cure" why make it harder on us Cryptic?
Poor Klingon need more love than he got. Stop his whine and give Klingon all what they want.
I personaly like Klingon as it is. Exept more easier to pvp with it after new patch.