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03-27-2010, 04:23 PM
If I understand them correctly, the new coold down model might make wasting a buff as a pre-emptive defense/pre-buff makes this evem more unacceptable.edit: The new cool down rules dont look to be an issue

Graphic wise its not my vid card...I blow away game only happens with torpedoes...especially if they have a long way/time to travel. Basically, as best as I can determine, torpedoes apply thier damage on impact or after a certain time has elapsed in flight...weither they have actually impacted or not. Apparently the torpedo's succesful impact is calculated at launch or shortly after launch(the elapsed time).

This means you left trying to defend against an attack that is all but pre-determined unless you defend against it early on in the flight...kind of hard to do since this means being up close to the launcher and their speed of flight.

So you kind of accept the difficulty in defending against a close ramge launch. But long range shots and shots in flight while the target is at high speed(evasive maneuvers, engine battery, etc) should be your best to defend against them since you have and distance to see and defend...but the way torpedoes deliver/calculate damage means you can take the damage before they are even visible or anywhere close to you.