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I or rather to say we have a problem here.
I make a list and tell me if you agree.

1. More credits when you finish a mission
2. C-Store is just crap scrap it
3. Why exchange ???
4. They promise a lot but nothing is realy there.
5. Season one is nice nice job
6. Hard - Easy Slider
7. Bridge ?

1. The only way to get some money is to do PVP and also to get some SP.
But I wish they finaly they would put some more missions in the game because all day doing PVP is booring.
So some missions please ???

2. Why C-Store ??
Ohhh I Know there is not anough money around thats happening when you sell Lifetimes .
Whole america and around buy lifetime and money is gone .
They never should done that ! they just should sell 2 month or 4 month .
Because they now want to make money with C-Store .

3. Why Exchange ???

they realy sould revented exchange, prices are off the roof !!!
Buy a paser beam array for 999.000.000 or 80.000 its just stupid !
So please shut the exchange down put a price lock on it and restarted it .

4. Empty promises

There is a lot thats put a side when STO was not lauched they put updates,
what they make and they do a lot of good stuff to the game there is a lot they dismissed .
So what about the bridge is there someting to do there or just walk around like JA.

5. Season One !!!

They did a amazing job there ......

6. Hard or Easy ???

I think they can't implented into the game thats why it never will come .

7. Bridge

So what about it ! there is nothing to do here realy and what about bridge invite its dangerous !!!
I went on invite to another bridge he loged off not going annywhere i was traped on his bridge .
O I tried the doors but did't work realy stupid bug !