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Originally Posted by JPJappic View Post
Though I will admit that I play Federation alot more than the Klingons, I do enjoy going over to that side every now and then. Our Fleet has Mondays and Fridays reserved as our Klingon Days.

With that being said I would like to see the following things in the future for the Klingon Faction.

Female versions of the Gorn, Nausicaans and Letheans
Kriosians (they are a subject species of the Klingons)
Arin'Sen (they are also a subject species and also already have parts in the character creator)

Gorn, Nausicaan and Orion Ships

- These are already in the game. The Klingon Empire isn't really as huge into resources as the Federation since they mostly do rely on themselves to get the job done, and it isn't that far fetched for them to accept other ships from at least the Gorn into their ranks. It would be nice to have for variety's sake and it would make things on the Klingon-side seem more realistic - at least in my opinion. They should also come with some bridges of their own.

More uniforms and customization options for the uniforms for the Klingons! Get the concept art people to draw up some stuff. There isn't enough variety currently on the Klingon side.. though this isn't that huge of a deal.

This goes without question that the Klingon faction could benefit from more PVE and Episodic Content.. yes they are supposed to be PVP focused.. however not everyone likes PVP and there are a ton of people that like Klingons.

PVP Maps
More PVP maps.. it gets old doing the same ones over and over again.

This is all that I can think of for now.. but things are generally heading int he right direction for the Klingons.
Sorry, but those Kriosians are NOT the same Kriosians from "In the Mind's Eye"
It was an error tha gave both races the same name. explicitly stares these are not the same.

"A name coincidentally shared by two different planets and/or star systems. One is the only Klingon colony along the Federation border -- far from Romulan space -- where Starfleet is accused by its governor of aiding rebels fighting for independence, a plot later pinned opn the Romulans. Another, with at least interstellar fliught centuries ago, had been involved in a war with neighboring system Valt Minor for that long until a Ceremony of Reconciliation was held aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise midway between their systems circa stardate 45780, in 2368. "

It would also not make sense storywise to have the Federation deliver Kamala to a Klingon-conquered world.