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03-28-2010, 09:12 AM
Originally Posted by Paneth
Indeed Starfleet is about the most evil faction out there, Klingons are at least up front about what they want to do. A quote from Wiki

Why is the Federation so obsessed with the Maquis? We've never harmed you. And yet we're constantly arrested and charged with terrorism. Starships chase us through the Badlands and our supporters are harassed and ridiculed. Why? Because we've left the Federation, and that's the one thing you can't accept. Nobody leaves paradise. Everyone should want to be in the Federation...You know, in some ways you're even worse than the Borg. At least they tell you about their plans for assimilation. You're more insidious. You assimilate people and they don't even know it.

Very sneaky.
The Federation is an EVIL cult - its is the duty of the KLINGON Empire to free them from their guilded cages.


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