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03-28-2010, 10:34 AM
Originally Posted by mister_dee
Sorry, but those Kriosians are NOT the same Kriosians from "In the Mind's Eye"
It was an error tha gave both races the same name. explicitly stares these are not the same.
No offense, but is horribly outdated and is a website that hardly works properly.

With that being said, the Kriosians from TNG were fighting for Klingon independance. I did find a snippit from which is completely wrong cause they are saying it's from DS9 -_- when it's clearly from TNG.

Here's the reference I'm talking about.

Episode: DS9 462 - Prophet Motive

Planet: Krios. The tall, slender humanoid members if this species share similarities in their skin pigments a dark-spotted, skin pattern along the hairline and down the neck and spine with the Valtese, not unlike some Trill hosts. No strangers to the outside galaxy, they educate Kamala about topics ranging from archaeology to Earth's Shakespeare and rich musical traditions, as well as about the culture of Valtese. This race should not be confused with another group of Kriosians, who were fighting for independence as a Klingon colony in 2367.
I think Memory-Alpha has it right.. I wouldn't second guess them as they are the most true Trek information site on the internet out there. The Star site is by far the most worthless site out there for Trek information to be honest. If MA says they are the same race.. then they are. Not sure how you can explain away the markings both set of "Kriosians" had.

To me I look at it as saying that there were a few groups of Kriosians.. Kamala and her group were not part of the ones that were fighting for independence as a Klingon colony at the time.