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For 1 to work somone has to train an officer in HY3 Torps then place on the exchange. at the moment Bridge officer's can't be taken off the duty roster with out being dissmissed. if player recived a reward brdige officer with that skill it would be extremly rare and they would most likly keep or sell at a stupidly high price.

as for 2, see above i've reach rear admirmal and none of the bridge officers i've been offered to join my crew have had any of locked skills, the only ones that have different from the power store are the very rare bridge officers in the purple colour. i've one and its 4th space power wasn't on the list at the power store.

Im in the same postion with a science officer, and so i put the charcter on hold. his career could well be on hold until June.

In the engineering notes it mentions in deveolpment "•Trading Existing Bridge Officers (June)"