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Originally Posted by JPJappic View Post
At the same time though, MA never insists that there are two different sets of Kriosian races.. again they both have the same type of facial markings.

I think it's most likely a production mistake to be honest. It wouldn't be the first time they've done something like that.

With that being said.. I'm not really sure how this ties in to the request for the Kriosians to be a playable race on the Klingon side.. we don't have to see their planets... additionally we know for certain the Kriosians were a subject species of the Klingons no matter which episode you refer to.
Well i thought it might be a good idea to have all the information available to be mentioned.
So I thought it would be fair to point out that those two Krios systems might not be the same.
I agree it is most likely a production error, just one of a different kind.
Systems that have the same name but can't possibly be the same are not new.
The Rigel system is the ultimate running gag in this category.

there is a note about that here:

Anyway back to the Kriosians:
If you look at the actual episodes and carefully look at the way Kriosian history is laid out on the MA site you will notice that the only time a Klingon occupation is ever mentioned is in "In the Mind's Eye".
It is never even hinted at in "Perect Mate", which came first.
If you analyse the storyline of "Perfect Mate" you will also notice that the whole story would make absolutely no sense if the planet were under Klingon rule.
The Klingons would not care about the long war with the people of Vault Minor and they would certainly not allow the Enterprise to carry a representative of a planet they have subjugated on any sort of mission.
Particularly since this would have been an interference into a Klingon affair.
So there is a good chance the Kriosians that are under Klingon rule are not the Kriosians with the spots.
In addition you repeatedly state that both types of Kriosians have the facial marikngs.
The Kriosians from "In the Mind's Eye" were never shown.
When you look at the list of Kriosians that were ever shown on-screen you will note that the list of Kriosians in "In the Mind's Eye" in zero.

So how can the have the same facial markings when we never see them?
The only Kriosian that was ever shown outside "Perfect Mate" was Kaitaama in "Precious Cargo", an Episode of Enterprise which has nothing to do with either of the other episodes storywise.

I absolutely agree the the Klingons should have more races and I have previously noted in a similar thread that I would like the Chalnoth as a Klingons race.
So please don't misunderstand me I am not against th idea itself.
But I believe the attempt of MA to merge two possibly different species into one though the article on their page is problematic.
For all we kow the Kriosians from "In the Mind's eye" might look like this:

Just kidding but we know there are several races with identical names out there that look different and are both in the Alpha AND the Delta Quadrant.
So this might mean if there ever are Kriosians it might not be the ones you proposed.