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03-28-2010, 04:26 PM
On the surface, its a sound idea to have Risa as a place of entertainment. I know Risa was a place for "shore leave", and we all know what that means in a naval sense. Now, I can see a few possibilities with Risa being this entertainment source:

1. Quests. You could have a quest where some beautiful potential mate on Risa defrauds you or one of your crew and you have to figure out the whole mess and bring you or them back to safety. Repeatable of course.

2. Mini games. This would be the place for a Vegas-like distraction. Earn energy credits at high yield, ya know.

3 How about an episode quest here. Remember the TNG episode with the game? The one they wore like a headset that took over the minds of the crew? That would be great here.