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03-28-2010, 04:43 PM
Originally Posted by Zoberraz View Post
I am particularly irked by the changes Mask Energy Signature had in the latest patch: Season of the Cannons (no kidding ~_~).

Mask Energy Signature, once activated, can no longer be used to interact with objects.

THIS was why I used it, to try and be discreet when I went about scanning objectives.

I don't need to sculk around when I intend to go beat something up. I also can't go and scan objectives if I drop the mask, seeing the enemies that are close by will immediately start firing at me.

What little usefulness the power had is practically gone.

I would beg that Cryptic please fix this.
They did this to balance out FEDs and Klingons, because Klingons were able to solve objectives in PvE FEDs would've had to fight for. Now that Klingons actually got PvE content were this matters (new exploration missions) they had to change it.

Btw Mask Energy signature I will get you spotted 19km away. So it is really useless. And it is boosted by the same skills as the normal (klingon) cloak, some auxiliary engineering skills - that nobody would skills if he doesn't use mask energy signature, plus it shares global cooldown with jam sensors. So it is really not useable at all for escorts.

In beta this skill was extremely broken. Better stealth than normal cloak (I was able to spot cloaked BoPs and they not me), you were able to cap nodes in cap&hold while under it, do the clickable objectives in missions and all that for an ensign skill without any further modification (no consoles or skills needed for a 99,9% safe cloak) - this should never make it back in, but a little love for MES, even though my main is a Klingon, would be appreciated, maybe something around, with average skillpoints in it:
Mes I 13km detection range
MES II 10km detection range
MES III 7km detection range
And make sure that it can't drop with consoles and skills under 5km with MES III. This would seem reasonable for me. An escort could, if it positions it right, evade initial focus fire or travel back to his group after respawn unseen, but is still easily detectable if you really want to.