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03-28-2010, 07:03 PM
I had really hoped a good result would have come out of the latest fix but it seems that its not to be. You have a terrible product here Cryptic, and it needs to be brought back down, and rebetaed. Too many bugs not to mention the horrible server disconnects since this last weeks update. I played it to 2ranks from Captain. I've seen all I need to see. I even told all my online friends to try it out. Atleast you made a few bucks off unsuspecting poeple. Completely dissatisfied. Not with the idea or its main attractions, just the all the issues with it, and theres alot...too many. Betas don't have this many. On that i've cancelled my account as well as all the poeple I told about it.
I really want a refund but, we all know thats not possible with online games. I have never wanted a refund on a game purchase ever. Thats a reflection of how awfull an experience I have had the last few days with this game. You work all week if not more, do what you need to do with life and when you get an opportunity to relax and GAME on something you have a big interest in, it doesnt work as advertised. I have seen the posting of how your working on things, and trying to resolve in game, and conections issues but, its bad...really bad. Everything has issues. Not just one facet. ALL of it. space combat..pve/pvp. Quests, exploration, simple map and instance changes are a challenge just staying online as of late. Items, skilling up...loosing skills/levels. I mean really? How many bugs have to be present before you say,"What kind of product are we pushing here?".
It's horrible the way the rest of your COSTUMERS will hang in there; while, you collect their money, and give them a bad experience with no real end game content no less.

This is my first and last Cryptic game.

read this post while it lasts...I'm sure it will be censored.