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Having done quite a bit of PVP recently I've discovered the joys (or more correctly, the woes) of Feedback Pulse, so I'm thinking about traiing my sci officer in the first level of it.

The problem is I use an assault cruiser, so I have limited science stations (Lt). At the moment my sci BOff is trained in Hazard Emiiters 1 and Tractor Beam 2, both skills I use a lot. In the case of Hazard Emiiters I usually activate it just before getting in range. Should I get rid of Hazard Emiiters 1 and replace it with Tractor Beam 1 or just do without a tractor beam skill?

While Hazard Emiiters are great in a passive capacity, I don't really feel they make that much of a difference. On a science ship it'd be fine, but it seems like a waste of valuable skill slots. Of course I may be underappreciating them.

Which is the more desired skill?