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03-28-2010, 08:06 PM
I have noticed that and it's extremely fustrating but also, if I have last targetted an ally and healed them then went back to attacking and sometimes I heal them (remembers last healed ally) or myself. Sometimes I target an ally to actually heal them but I'm not sure if they are targeted and ended healing myself. And often this has resulted in either theirs or my death.

As I agree with that, I wish it's a lot more clearer who will get healed, the ally or myself before I hit that button. (In a team, have self in the team party list and highlight target of a heal separately to an attack target. This would make it so much easier for Doctors, and Sci/Eng class users, support types basically.

Wow, I think this is my first ever post on the forum.. or second. o_o;

But this is an issue that really bothers me a lot because I am a support type player, I like playing the priests in other MMO, and so on.