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# 1 Cardassian Holoprojector
03-28-2010, 09:12 PM
I just finished the DS9 fleet action on Holodeck for the first time. It's a good mission - difficult, but difficult can be fun.

My one complaint is the Light Holoprojectors put down by the Legates. It's extremely difficult to target one of these suckers when there's a horde of holographic Cardassians standing between you and it, preventing you from accurately clicking on it (particularly if you're trying to avoid enemy fire...literally, in the case of the plasma grenades that are everywhere during this mission). You can also try to select it by pressing Tab, but that requires you to tab through 8 or 9 enemies, all of whom are shooting at you, before you actually get to the holoprojector.

This is a problem even during solo missions, but I'd say it's much worse during the fleet action, when there's sometimes more than one of these things, and my frame rate is sluggish from the sheer amount of goodness on the screen.

Ideally, I'd like the projectors to be automatically selected the FIRST time I hit Tab. If that's not my desired target for whatever reason, it's much simpler to hit Tab once more to select a new target than it is to cycle through every holographic Cardie before I find the projector.