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03-29-2010, 02:25 AM
Originally Posted by Peregrine_Falcon View Post
Actually, there are three ways that you can get High Yield 3.

1) Purchase a Bridge Officer with HY3 on the Exchange. Then either commission said BO, or use it to train one of your current officers.

2) Receive a random BO that has HY3. Then either commission said BO, or use it to train one of your current officers.

3) Give a brand new uncommissioned BO to a friend with an Engineering captain. Said captain trains that BO in HY3, then trades the BO back to you.
As much as I would personally like to make use of any of these options none of them actually exists.

As HY III is an abilityl that can be unlocked through the player skill tree (well, by tactical captains anyway) it is not found on the "loot table" of BOs received as rank-up rewards. The only player-skilltree unlockable ability that (at least up to season one, haven't checked this since) could actually be found on rare/very rare BOs is/was Attack Pattern Omega III.

Option 3 doesn't work due to the inability to trade/sell comissioned BOs.

On the good side, according to the engineering reports on the website the devs are looking into the creation of a comissioned BO trading system, scheduled to go live at some point in june/july.

Until then however, there is no way at all for an engineering captain to get HY III or any other unlocked tactical ability (with the one single exception mentioned above), and no tactical officer will get any unlockable engineering abilities etc.

Note: engineers do have quite a nice selection of unlockable rank III abilities, for example emergency power to xyz III, engineering team IIII, extend shields III, and so on.