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Originally Posted by HMS_Indomitable

For 1 to work somone has to train an officer in HY3 Torps then place on the exchange. at the moment Bridge officer's can't be taken off the duty roster with out being dissmissed. if player recived a reward brdige officer with that skill it would be extremly rare and they would most likly keep or sell at a stupidly high price.

as for 2, see above i've reach rear admirmal and none of the bridge officers i've been offered to join my crew have had any of locked skills, the only ones that have different from the power store are the very rare bridge officers in the purple colour. i've one and its 4th space power wasn't on the list at the power store.

Im in the same postion with a science officer, and so i put the charcter on hold. his career could well be on hold until June.

In the engineering notes it mentions in deveolpment "•Trading Existing Bridge Officers (June)"
Just two small additions to this, for clarification: as pointed out before with one single exceptions there are no unlockable rank III skills ever to be found on reward BOs.

What those rare/very rare BOs do have though that sets them appart from both the power store and the normal-BO store is: other, not unlockable, rank III abilities and superior racial traits.

If I recall correctly rare (blue) BOs have one superior racial trait, for example andorians have the fury trait which on normal BOs gives an increase of 2.5% to damage done (?), on rare/very rare andorian BOs you can find "superior fury" with gives a 7.5% increase to damage (?). Very rare (purple) BOs have two such superior traits. I might be slightly mistaken on the percentage numbers or the actual effect of fury, but you get the picture.

The special rank III abilities are what makes those rare BOs so interesting though. An excellent example is "beam target shields III" or "viral matrix III". These skills as well as quite a couple of others, can only be optained through those special BOs as they can neither be unlocked by spending skill points nor bought from the power store. This also goes for ground based skills, even though there are only a few of those.

The difference between the different levels of BO rarity determine how many of those unique rank III abilities the officer has.