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03-29-2010, 08:56 AM
Well several things can happen as I see it,

1) Yes I agree with the others on power. Dont know how many times I have switched to Shields or balanced for one reason or another fully intending to shift back to guns but forgetting. I see that I am firing at the Fed and not doing much. Then I realize my setting is off : )

2) Next thing to remember that there are many different damage mitigation options in this game. If it was a Science ship you were shooting at, even more. It really doesnt matter if you are using phaser, disruptor or antipoloron there are mitigating items in hull, shields and skills that will reduce your damage.

My suggestion is similar to the others. Make sure you have an EPS flow regulator (at least one). Make certain you have weapon batteries (when you drop from full impulse). Also go for purple gear when you can get it (through Marks of Exploration or Medals for PvP). I almost have a full set and I do very well usually. I still get mysteriously hulled with my shields up every now and then though - I got to find that combo still.

Also I wanted to point out that I have been in many PvP groups that just didnt work well together. Heck, I have even see KDF just sitting there floating cloaked not doing anything or doing a slow ride to cap a point. So some groups work together and want to win. Some group members just want you to win it for them.

Good luck and keep trying