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03-29-2010, 10:10 AM
I've done this map and soloed it. Tactical KDF BG5 though.

Its fun, the first part is free the scientists. You can train each group of Borg that are protecting one scientist. I used cover, smoke and photon grenades along the way. If you don't have a split beam weapon by now you really should have one for here. It helps a lot in all ground PvP. After training and clearing the Borg and getting the 5 scientists you are tasked with uploading a virus into 4 Borg terminals in the center. Pretty easy as they aren't any Borg guarding those, just turrets. The reward is a random Blue piece of gear.

Just FYI there is another hugh ground zone to retrieve the Archaeologists, then kill 100 Romulans then secure 20 artifacts with shields (shield generators are found throughout the zone). I only got to the point of getting the 20 shield generators up before the mass of people I was with seemed to disperse so I am uncertain what the reward is. Sorry I don't remember what system that is.

Don't forget the Crystalline Entity is also near Qonos in the Quv'at Sector or something like that (sorry I'd have to look up the name). And no its not solo able, I've tried. It through bits of ice at you that are deadly when they hit.

Kinja posted this map in another thread, I thought it might be useful here as well due to questions on where things are :