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03-29-2010, 09:47 AM
Best weapons I have found are tetryon. If your using 3x turrets tetryon are the way to go. Constant plinking from turrets causes the proc to go off alot.

I have respeced and tested each of these set ups Plasma, Anti-proton, Disruptors and tetryon.

Using 3x DHC, 1x Q torp, 3x turrets, 2x eps and 4x +30 consoles of each type listed above.

All seem to do almost the exact same damage however the tetryon seem to tear shields apart much faster than the other 3 types. I think the results would be different using beams however because of there low fire rate tetryon would not be the way to go. I do not have a full DHC/turret Phaser set yet but I will test those out as well when I do.