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03-29-2010, 10:16 AM
Originally Posted by wmaccaull
In a time of extreme war, where they are actually refitting constitution and other oid classes why wouldnt the federation have vulcan or ferangi ships in thier fleets? I would think in a life or death situation they would use whatever they could get thier hands on. This isnt just a minor scuffle with the klingons.
I agree.
I also would love to be able to "refit" any vessel that I chose. My character is a rear admiral 5. I would think choosing whatever ship you desire to be your flagship, would be a perk of being an admiral. I mean "real" refitting like increased hull strength more weapons, science, engineering slots and also exclusive ship costume variants too, (new nacelles, pylons, saucers variants ect.), so I could really customize my ship.
You could either charge so many energy credits, or merits to do this. Heck, maybe this could be something Memory Alpha would be good for. You know, go there to increase the hull strength of your vessel, or get ablative armour or more ship console slots.

I like the idea of the new ship costumes like the Imperial class, but I would hope that some of the more "iconic" ships would get updated and "refitted" too.
I love the constitution class for example and would love to supe one up fer nostalgic sake.