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03-29-2010, 10:52 AM
Originally Posted by Asmachnik View Post
Well my question. How do I train my Bo's an III skill? Like emergency power to shields.
Is that also on the power store?
The power store does not have any rank III abilities.
As emergency power to shields III is an unlocked engineer ability the only way to train your officers in it is to be an engineering player/captain yourself and invest 9 skill points in "Starship shield efficiency" (commander level, in the "Starship Engineering" subsection).
Once that is done. Open your status window and click "Train officer". Select the unlocked skill that you want to teach your officer and then select the officer to learn the skill.

Note: emergency power to shield III does not replace a lower ranked version of it. It will be placed in the lt.commander ability slot, meaning one level higher than emergency power to shields II.