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03-29-2010, 02:38 PM

Well things could be changing with the addition of PvE content for us but in the past the best way to get experience is to do PvP (both Ground and Space).

This is due to the fact that we get many missions that can overlap. Such as kill another player captain, destroy x number of turrets, die to another captain and so on. So in doing one PvP match you could be satisfying more than one quest.

As for the best maps I would stick to the capture and hold maps for space and select a ground map you like best and stick with it. I would recommend Shanty Town (very fun) and Ghost Ship (speed of matches).

PvP organization is a toughy. As another suggestion, due to the current size of our player base, if you are with an organized group suggest to the group leader that you requeue for another match after you complete the one you are in. Most good groups I have seen stay together through many matches and its a way to add to the friends list