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03-29-2010, 01:45 PM
Originally Posted by 0xygenthief View Post

It looks like you spent an awful lot of time writing your response so I say thank you for contributing. However, if you would have taken a fraction of the time you spent writing your response and applied that to reading the thread you would have realised that I wasn't suggesting a BoP nerf.

I could go into detail and take quotes from my own posts to discount EVERYTHING in your post. But that's simply too much work, especually since you didn't even take the time to READ in the first place.

So feel free to respond to this post if you like, though your time and effort would be better spent reading and editing your original post.


As you can see by how some have responded to your post maybe its you who are unclear (in a good way). As I did read your first post I didn't quite understand where you were going so I tried to give feedback based on whether you were addressing PvE issues or PvP issues. At one point you mentioned what seemed to be PvE ideas then you drifted around so ....

What I didn't do is that I did a KDF knee jerk and saw the original post but didn't see your one farther down mentioning you had a KDF character. If I had seen that I would have changed my response a bit.

In any event you will find the community here open but the nerf battle cry from the Fed side (not necessarily you) makes many suspect.

Cheers! : )