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03-29-2010, 02:05 PM
Originally Posted by Bostish
The Idea is creative and has merits. However, as pointed out the AI can not ever compensate for a player. Like photonic fleet; it's a gimic item which most people ignore unless they are sipping coffee and smoking a cig while auto targetting..

It kinda reminds me of mirror self.. which works great till you know which one is the real player.
Besides i wouldn't be in the mood for a scramble sensor to have myselves attack myself.
What AI? My follow up post should have cleared that up for you...

No AI, forget I mentioned photonic fleet. Just 1 ship replicated 2 times to fly in formation with you. You lose one your stats are cut by 1/3. You start off with more damage potential so it evens out.

My apologies to everyone for using the photonic fleet reference!!!!!