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03-29-2010, 02:41 PM
Originally Posted by Steelspawn18 View Post
Its our atmosphere if im not mistaken tht causes us to be able to see stars like we do in the night sky.

Havennt you seen pictures from orbit and dont see distant stars in space.

The warp bubble doesnt make your ship intangible, it doesnt just pass through objects, if that was the case the ship wouldnt need a deflector dish. Maybe you dont understand how vast space is, and in all of the warp timelines save for maybe Cochranes warp flight they have star charts and sensor scans to make course corrections off of.
As said, you don't see stars in the pictures because of the camera settings. The stars are actually so dim compared to the objects they're actually picturing that if they increased the exposure to the point where you can see the stars, everything else would just be a burned out glowing blur.

If you were in orbit, and weren't looking towards the sun, you'd see stars just fine. In fact, you'd see many more than you can from the ground.

Search for and read any of the many astronauts descriptions of what they look like.