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Originally Posted by 0xygenthief View Post
In the Star Trek Universe as we all know and love BoPs are no match for any fedration ship one on one. In any episode showcasing a BoP as an effective combattant it was part of a battle group of other BoPs.

In STO a BoP with the right captain could defeat any fed ship of the same level with the proper loadout. I would expect this to be true of a fed escort whose shields and hull strength should be much more than they are in game. But a BoP is supposed to be the pawns of the empire's fleet, expendable and geared only towards alpha strike.

So my suggestion/idea is to make each BoP weaker than it is by 1/3. Inversely make it so that your single BoP exists on the battlefield as 3 separate ships, sort of like a photonic fleet only the ships fly information with you at all times. When you hit the space bar all three ships fire simultaneously, albeit at a 1/3 normal rate. This way, when you lose one of your BoPs your DPS, max hull strength, and max shields are all reduced by 1/3.

At the same time make the BoP officer loadout more simplified. Only basic engineering and science abilities while offering multiple high level tactical abilities/officers.

Give the BoP superior DPS (with all 3 flying) to any other class on either side. And offer up 2x to forward shileds while taking the shield power from the sides and rear.

I would play the hell out of a BoP if this were in effect! There would be no concern for survivability in a BoP anymore. It would be "today is a good day to die" every time the ship decloaked! Even as a fed player I would prefer this. The ability to criple a BoP DPS would be a very likable idea. It would force even more strategic gameplay (i.e. as fed do you finish off the last BoP for the point making it so he can respawn, or as the Klingon do I self destruct to get my DPS back up again but force my team to take a point loss).

I think this would be an amazing change!

Edit: when reading the part about the photonic fleet please keep in mind I am not suggesting we use the photonic fleet AI by any means. I simply envisioned 2 other BoPs flying in formation with me firing simultaneously when I do etc...
The information you have gotten is really really bad.....are you somehow thinking that the outcasted duras sisters who could only get thier hands on a 200 year old BoP is how all BoP's are????

Plz Watch Star Trek 3....where lord kurge shot and killed a Sci-ship in one single shot.Than pretty much almost killled off the enterpize if not for sulu and kirk spotting the BoP before it decloaked.

You somehow think a race that has been warping around the universe while humans were still apes and tossin poo at each other is weak?Yes all warrior races must be weaker tech wise , poor spartains , romans , and americans if only they put more into thier miltary budgets....oh wait....