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03-29-2010, 04:02 PM
Originally Posted by 0xygenthief View Post
With an assault cruiser? Drop the tractor beam! Tractor beams are nice when you want to keep an enemy lined up with your most powerful weapons, this usually means cannons though dual beam arrays can be substituted here. With the limited mobility of your cruiser the tractor beam doesn't really make sense.
I was more thinking about keeping the glass cannons from getting me in their firing arc and letting me pound the same facing sheild. It also helps me get them into the dual phaser beam banks and torps firing arc. Plus it's another annoyance for them (without being cruel, like VM).

That said, I had forgot that hazard emitters gives you resistence to attacks, so it's probably best to keep them in some fashion.

Yeah, I think I'll get Hazard Emitters II and Science Team I (specifically for VM).

Thanks guys for the help.