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03-29-2010, 05:59 PM
Originally Posted by pdabson
ok, this pvp in this game is messed up. with my cruiser i cant even take down one side of a fed shield by myself while a fed cruiser can destroy me without me even damaging their hull...
The numbers sometimes don't overcome skill. Not saying you have no skill. Just saying ... if you go up against 3 really good opponents, you can lose sometimes.

The shield thing, most likely involves judicious use of Reverse Shield Polarity, Emergency Power to Shields, the engineer power for Shield Harmonics, maybe a Shield Battery, or some extended shields or some science team action. It happens you know? You go up against a fed ship tricked out to keep its shields on and you can't eat through it quick enough.

Also if your teammates didn't focus the fire on the same ship ... you're not gonna get the shields down if they have tricks.