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03-29-2010, 07:03 PM
Originally Posted by Darksided View Post
No... Only a newbie would use this in ground fighting. Anyone with autofire on opens themselves up to being torn apart in melee.

Ground PvP is not easy, and these types of tricks aren't going to improve things for those looking for a quick fix to their lack of skill. I'll ask around, but I'd wager that very few of the best ground PvPers use this. They can't afford to be shooting when they need to be using an ability instead, and seconds matters in ground PvP.
Auto-fire is silly for rifle use, but it shines when using pistols. There's barely any delay when auto-firing a pistol and queuing up an ability, and you can keep sustained dps going while firing off said abilities.
Unless you've experimented extensively with pistols as well as rifles, don't judge or dismiss from lack of knowledge.