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03-29-2010, 09:35 PM
PVP changed. Anyone that says otherwise doesn't PVP.

PVP changed in favor of the Feds. In this case, it is a topic up for debate. I'm not saying Feds are overpowered, now...but the Feds are winning far more matches than before. The critical question for me is whether the Klingons were overpowered before and now things are even or imbalanced in favor of the Feds.

My hypothesis is that Klingons PVPd better with relatively squishy ships from being conditioned to fight as a pack from the start. The latest patch nerfed them anyway. I'm still not clear on all the tweaks in the patch, but things favor the feds, now, so Klingons will lose in evenly matched PVP fights. If either faction has five captains who try to go-it-alone in a match, then they will lose---which is fine---but the Klingons are losing consistently when their side seems to be doing everything right against an evenly matched Fed force.

The lack of discussion about this has surprised me and made me doubt my conclusions---but I'm not going to leave the OP hanging out there by himself when I fundamentally agree.

I have two FED RA5s and two Klingon BG5s. I just want to see things even. At the moment, I know my Fed characters can dominate post-patch.