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03-29-2010, 11:32 PM
Originally Posted by mvs5191 View Post
While logically it doesn't make sense, it makes sense from a balance point of view.
The OP wasnt asking to have rank 3 in everything - what they want (which seems sensible) is the option whenever a BO is promoted, to allow extra BO skill points to be spent to upgrade the existing skill to the next available slot - instead of being left with rank 1 of a skill they may have been useful at Lt level, but will be useless by the time they hit admiral.

E.g. Assuming my character is a Lt Commander and my Sci officer has Science Team I, and that I then get promoted to Commander. I spend merits to promote my Science Officer to Lt (giving him two skill slots). If Science team I was already trained to max rank (9 points) I have spent 450 skill points on him.

What would be really nice is the option to 'upgrade' my existing BO skill to the next rank, transfering the 450 SP already spent as ranks of the new skill (which also cost more per rank). Science team 2 costs 100 skill points per level to train. If I was allowed to transfer my existing tier 1 skill to the tier 2 slot (leaving a blank space in tier 1) then my 450 points would buy rank 4 of science team 2.

This makes sense from a training perspective - your BOs could continue to specialise their training each succesive rank - rather than the current system where they essentially are starting completely from scratch at each new rank, forgetting any relevant training they received in the past.

The current game very heavily penalises swapping specs by forcing you to throw away hard earned SP if you want to replace low rank skills. Allowing players to transfer their SP to higher ranks of the same skill (but only at the point the BO is promoted) seems a relatively minor change that will help avoid players wasting skill points, and the extra time needed to farm them in tiers 2 and 3.

From tier 4 onwards skill points come quickly enough that you can fully train a tier 1 or tier 2 skill with a handful of missions.