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Originally Posted by Synacus View Post
The information you have gotten is really really bad.....are you somehow thinking that the outcasted duras sisters who could only get thier hands on a 200 year old BoP is how all BoP's are????

Plz Watch Star Trek 3....where lord kurge shot and killed a Sci-ship in one single shot.Than pretty much almost killled off the enterpize if not for sulu and kirk spotting the BoP before it decloaked.

You somehow think a race that has been warping around the universe while humans were still apes and tossin poo at each other is weak?Yes all warrior races must be weaker tech wise , poor spartains , romans , and americans if only they put more into thier miltary budgets....oh wait....
That sounds kinda brutal.
It is correct that the BoP in St3 fried to Grissom, which was a flying lab with no real defenses.
It is also correct that Kruge's BoP crippled the Enterprise...because her sheilds were down, she wasn't in prime condition and he took out the computer control.
Kruge himself said "they outgun me 10 to 1".
There is also the minor fact that the BoP in St6 fired...umm how many torps into the Enterprise befor the shields collapsed? 6? 10?
Of course Chang would have made a lot more damage with his disruptors AND his torps but then the Enterprise could have responded in kind...
So the basic (small) BoP from that era is pretty weak by the standards from that era and certainly not that great during the TNG era.
At least when we compare it with full-blown cruisers.
For a scoutship it is pretty impressive.
It was roughly comparable to a Dominion Fighter which is a lot smaller (68 compared to 111 meters).
HOWEVER therefore it is represented in this game as a T1 ship.
The ship that has the fewest hitpoints and probaly the weakes shiels of all playerships aside from the runabout.
So I can live with the idea that the Klingons built totally new ships which have a few similarities to the old B'rel (I mean form follows function and the BoP is atmospheric-capable, not like the controlled landing of the Intrepid but real combat-maneuverability).
After all they still have the weakest hull of all the ships in their respective tier.

So to sum it up the idea is interesting but probably not that easy to implement.
Particulraly in crowded places like asteroid fields you escrots might get stuck too easily.
Or they would simply PHASE through the obstackles which would probably look rather stupid...
I might want to give it try it someday if it works and if it becomes a choice.
It could be possible to either buy a T2 BoP or a squad of 2 B'rels, one under you control, one as your escort.
Then either buy a T3 BoP or 3 B'rels etc.
So as a choice it could be intersting, but I would not want it to replace the system currently in place.