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03-30-2010, 02:54 AM
Originally Posted by PosableActionFigure View Post

Companies with more resources than Cryptic have already tried.

These are not kids in bedrooms. Modern day RMT companies operate more like organised crime than anything else. They actively study ways to exploit, hack, and bypass measures to stop them. These are people who have no problem with using stolen credit card info to buy game accounts, rest assured they've already thought of ways around most common methods to stop them.
They definitely are organized crime. Someone is responsible for stealing those credit cards, but that someone is not the same as the guys entering the game to farm gold. Spamming alone is an organized crime, with someone "higher up" developing the tools to enable spamming (breaking filters, hacking computers to create their bot nets) and someone else sending/writing those spam mails. It is kinda impressive and frightening what's going on in the world of spam, gold farming and credit card fraud and theft.