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03-30-2010, 03:00 AM
Great, make BoP 1/3 weaker and take power away from the player. Do you even realize what you are suggesting ? BoP at BG5 level packs 28k hull, you want to remove 9k and make me dependent on two NPC controlled ships for DPS ? Really ?

21k hull+5k shields and 2 NPC BoPs to follow me around ? Do all 3 get 21k hulls or we share that too ? 7k hull a pop ? How will all 3 align to fire their DHCs at the federation cruise that is turning ?

Unless I am badly missing something in your writing, your ideas are comming from the RPer/trekkie perspective and not a serious PvPer. Your concept would be nice in a strategy game, where positioning and tactics were important, as well as staying true to Star Trek lore. In STO your ideas simply don't work and can't be implimented.