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# 20 Well, I tried...
03-30-2010, 07:15 AM
It would seem this is not a good idea after all. Two pages of replys and only one person stating they would like to try it out.


It just struck me as odd that in PvE missions where you have to take out a group of enemies you have your standard battleship, escort, and science vessels as well as lower tier escorts in groups of three. I thought, why not make that an option for us as well? And wondered how well such a scenario would play out in PvP? I mean, in PvE it takes me the same time, if not more to down three lesser ships than it does to down a battleship after all...

I wouldn't see it as a nerf considering the combined hull strength, sheild strength, and weapons damage could be set to 33% or more above norms for any ship at your level.

I just can't believe I am pretty much alone in thinking this would be fun..