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03-30-2010, 07:50 AM
If this was a single player game, that would be cool, if this were a pve only game that would be cool. However the dominant aspect of klingon gameplay is pvp. With only 2/3 of the original hull even the tail guns of a cruiser would be a problem. No doubt it would be very clear which of the 3 ships was under player control. The focus would be on that ship, and it would be beyond fragile. Once dealt with the otherships would probably disappear to respawn with the player, and if not are unlikely to activate defenses when under seperate fire.

If, an i say a very big if, those ships could use spare officer bo skills and be independantly activated so that other players must take them into account during pvp (such as using one ship to place extend shields on you, whether you have extend loaded on your ship but used a BO with that skill in the ships officer stations) then perhaps it would not make the idea valueless in pvp, however, the setup could make a bop wing way to powerful with one tac one sci and one engi when engaging other players.