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03-30-2010, 08:00 AM
Originally Posted by Shuyun
One romulan BoP disabled and almost beat the enterprise in the original series.
Every time you see a BoP in the shows, it was almost always against a cruiser such as enterprise.
At that time, the Bird of Prey seemed to have been the strongest type of ship the Romulans had.
It was in essence a cruiser just as much as the enterprise was.

In TNG, the Romulan Bird of Prey was replaced with the Warbird. And the Klingon Bird of Prey stood alongside the Klingon cruiser (K'vort, IIRC?), and I seem to remember engagements (in the Klingon Civil War around Gowron during TNG) where multiple BoPs had to fight against a single Klingon cruiser.

But all that aside - clearly no one wants one player ship to be weaker than alternative choices. If the only way to "compensate" is to complicated to actually implement, then the player ship has get more powerful instead. Which is exactly as it is now.

Of course, as NPC ships, Bird of Preys are definitely weaker than other ships of their size. There is a reason why you typically encounter 3 Bird of Preys at once but only one K'Tinga or Neg'Var in PVE. (I wonder if that's what confusing some Feds in PVP That these ships that you easilly kill in threes in PVE suddenly kill you alone?)