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03-30-2010, 09:39 AM
Originally Posted by Alecto View Post
If you want players to take any of your suggestions seriously 0xygenthief, you need to make sure your suggestions are as clear as possible, and respond with respect, even if you believe your thread has been flamed, or even if someone simply responds with something you don't like.

You obviously have a very creative imagination, and there are plenty of ways to go about putting it to good use, responding to replies as you are will only anger people.


Yeah, I have already made consessions on the points of confusion to my original post. As for responding to replies the way I do... Well, lets just say I get "angry" myself when people post flame bait like "I guess he is just doing it wrong". At what point does this comment become constructive. Was there anything in this thread that denoted that I was "doing" anything? I was making a suggestion for possible gameplay enhancements. Not trying to NERF KLINGONS IN ANY WAY. Strangely enough I have said this multiple times. The one consistency in this thread is the fact that eveyrone seems to stop reading the thread past the first post. Then I have to constantly repeat myself or make edits to the original post, as I did, just so I can keep the thread on track!

So yeah, if people don't want to read and feel perfectly fine just posting garbage in a thread designed to potentially improve the game then they should be replied to in the manner in which I have. I don't give a rats ass if I anger them!

For a perfect example, see the post Shuyun has made below...

Originally Posted by Shuyun
I fully understand your post, its you who isn't realizing that no one agrees with you about it.

Wasnt it the 2 female klingons, lursa and b'etor(sp?) in generations using an outdated 20 yr older BoP to almost destroy the enterprise solo? In fact, its because of there damage to enterprise that it crashed.
You fully understand my "first" post.... maybe. But you didn't take the time to read the rest of the thread did you Shuyun? If you did you would have noticed that at the end of page 2 I basically conceeded that this was probably not a good idea since no one seemed agree with me. So thanks for making me repeat myself.

Also your arguement about the BoP and the Enterprise that crashed was also discussed in this thread. So again, thank you for contributing so much...