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03-30-2010, 10:10 AM
Originally Posted by FurianNL View Post
there is a bug in Klingon PvP genius, u should learn to shut up sometimes when people make a valid point about general gemeplay.

Probably u fully know that this bug exists since the server crash 3 days ago, but u like flaming better then fair play.

This bug is real and has absolutely nothing to do with how he/she plays, enroll as a Klingon and do the hard work for levelling up instead of being a disrespectfull #$###@ like in this post..
Ok, how about you highlight the part from the OP which was supposed to tell me something like that ?

ok, this pvp in this game is messed up. with my cruiser i cant even take down one side of a fed shield by myself while a fed cruiser can destroy me without me even damaging their hull...
The only thing I get from this is "PvP is messed up cause my cruiser has no chance against a fed cruiser"... so please go bully someone else... its not my fault when the OP fails to make himself clear